As you probably know the pregnancy test is the best way to find out if you are pregnant or not. There are two types of pregnancy tests available in the current market, so is not quite difficult to choose one. If you have any doubts about the accuracy of these tests, keep in mind that […]

In the last past years, specialists have discovered that more women have faced labial hypertrophy after childbirth. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ignore this problem because it is creating a huge discomfort and it is also visible when wearing straight clothes or wearing bikini on the beach. If you are one of those women who […]

Birth related injuries can occur throughout pregnancy and even during birth or after delivery and are the result of a medical negligence. This article features some useful pieces of advice and several tips that you can keep in mind to ensure the baby is born without any complications or health problems.

If babies can get even more adorable than they are, then Halloween is the perfect occasion for you to dress your baby in a sweet and pretty costume that will make them irresistible. You have a variety of costumes to choose from, each one adding to your baby’s natural cuteness.

Caring parents always want what is best for their babies and look for items that create a safe and healthy environment for the growing children. This is why the purchase of the baby’s crib mattress is such an important matter, since this will become the place where they will spend most of their time and it should be safe, clean, comfortable and durable.

A child represents a great blessing for every family, but due to certain health problems, not everyone is capable to conceive. Men erectile dysfunction represent one of the reasons why couples can’t have children, and that is why taking proper medication is highly recommended. Still, according to recent studies, pills like Viagra could only make matters worse.

When it comes to carrying a baby in airplane, one has to be extremely careful and well-informed. Ask for every detail related to your future trip and get ready to cope with the noises that your child may be making due to the flight conditions!

We present you the main advantages and disadvantages that you can get by using warm and cool mist humidifiers. Based on the characteristics that each one of these devices have, you can decide which one of them is the best humidifier for babies. So, make sure that you analyze your needs in order to make the best choice.

Although having a baby is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person, there are many aspects that must be considered in order to provide him the best indoor environment. Besides making sure that he doesn’t have access to dangerous areas of the house, you must also make sure that he isn’t exposed to any type of bacteria or toxins.

How would you act if you noticed any signs of colic to your baby? Would you call your podiatrist? Or would you act by yourself and save your baby without waiting for anyone else’s advice? Check out our tips and make your own choice!