The baby food is responsible for a right and balanced development of the newborn. “What is my baby allowed to eat?” is a frequent question for parents.
After various researches, scientists have concluded that the baby foods must be diversified when the child is around 4-months-old. Now, the nutritive needs of the baby cannot be covered anymore only with milk. That’s why foods for a 4-months-old baby must include several basic new items.

  • Breast milk

Even if your baby needs now more foods, you can’t forget of breastfeeding because is the most natural and the healthiest way to feed your child. Remember that it contains vitamins, protein, minerals, fat and carbohydrates. Each day, a 4-months-old baby, needs between 24 to 32 oz. breast milk. When new foods are introduced in alimentation of the baby, it’s possible that the child progressively reduces his need of breast milk, but the weaning is good to be done when the baby is almost 1-year-old.

  • Rice cereals

Most of the children begin to eat rice cereals between 4 and 8-months-old. Those cereals should supplement the milk, not to replace it. Even if those are a good source of zinc, folic acid and iron, the rice cereals don’t contain calcium, fat or proteins. You should remember that the little child doesn’t know how to chew and swallow so you have to teach your little baby how to do this. Increase the quantity of cereals from one tablespoon at the beginning to 3-4 spoons, one or two times a day.

  • Baby formula

One of the important foods for a 4-months-old baby is baby formula. There are three forms of it: powder form (must be dissolved in water), ready to be used (can be consumed “as it is”) and concentrated liquid (you have to add water). Like breast milk, baby formula is also rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, fat and carbohydrates. Before starting to use a baby formula, it’s better to ask your family doctor to recommend you the right formula for your baby and to advice you how much to feed your baby with this in a single day.

  • Solid food

Solid food can be introduced when your baby is ready for it, between 4 and 6 months. There are some hints that let you know when the child is prepared for solid food: he is able to keep his head upright and can sit up with a little help, he renounce to use the tongue to draw out the food from his mouth, his birth weight is doubled and his appetite grew. It’s better to start with a single type of food and only after three days to feed him with another food. You can give your baby foods like sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, completely cooked meat and vegetables. Be careful because, if you give to your baby solid food too early, it may cause stomach upset, allergies, constipation or diarrhea.

As a parent, you have to be aware that good habits, inclusively about food, have to be learned by your child from the beginning. So, you should start with proper foods for a 4-months-old baby and hope that healthy food habits will guide his entire life.