In the last past years, specialists have discovered that more women have faced labial hypertrophy after childbirth. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ignore this problem because it is creating a huge discomfort and it is also visible when wearing straight clothes or wearing bikini on the beach. If you are one of those women who suffer from this type of body change after giving birth, you should know that your problem would be solved if you will go to the right surgeons. Don’t be afraid because you will recover faster than you have thought if you will take care and do what the doctors have told you. As you may have already discovered, you are not the only woman who needs labia minora reduction London, so you shouldn’t panic. It is better to go to the doctor as soon as possible than to let this problem bother you all the time.

Essential signs you need labiaplasty

It is very important to know how to detect a labia problem before ignoring it. The main sign that is also very noticeable is the change in size and shape of the labia minora because the parts can become unequal after the childbirth. However, you should know that specialists could easily fix the loss of the symmetry. The elongation of the labia minora is also a great sign that you need surgery. This situation can affect you a lot because you will hate riding a bicycle or a horse because it will be very uncomfortable.  In addition, you will also hate your tight pants that have certain rigid material and you will have to buy some new clothes. If the minor labia is to large and pendulous, you will feel embarrassed all the time and you will lose very soon your self-confidence. It won’t be difficult to find the best Centre for Surgery if you will consider the testimonials.

The procedure

If you are not one of those lucky women who are recovering very fast after the childbirth, regaining their slim and perfect body, it means that you will have to find some solutions. Problems regarding your labia minora could disappear after a period because the body needs more time to recover. But in some cases, the problem won’t be solved unless a surgeon will make it disappear. The greatest advantage is that it is not a complicated surgery and you will recover fast. If you are curious about the procedure, you should know that the doctor will be very careful to make a little cutting in order to make the scars unnoticeable. You can be sure that the labia won’t be removed all together. The main purpose of this surgery is to reshape and contour very well the labia in order to make it look and feel perfect. The surgeon will gain access through an incision and the fat will be removed using liposuction. You should know that the surgeon will make sure that the labia majora will be symmetrical. After the surgery, you won’t need another appointment in order to remove the stitches because they will be absorbable.