Often when we think of to keep our baby in my arms we are not aware of how much can affect his ability to sleep at night and to cry.

According to a recent study, a baby who is being held in arms more than 15 hours per day will cry incessantly at night, while those who were held in his arms less complaint in up to the age of 2 months of life. However, finding an alternative solution can be quite beneficial for both you, as parents and baby.

The study was based on a sample based on 275 infants in which parents treat them differently on each of them. Thus, the first group opted to keep them in their arms more than 80% of the time, the second group managed to hold their babies in arms about 8hours a day, and the third group held them about 10 hours a day.

The study revealed that most affected both in terms of babies crying, and sleep schedule are those who were part of the second group.

However, regardless of the behavior of parents, babies manage to cry a lot until they are able to express in words. By crying they are exposing their feelings widely, and essential needs of life. Also, colic of the first weeks of life can lead mostly to an incessantly crying throughout this period.

In terms of adaptation to a program of sleep at night, it was found that babies who are held in the arms pretty much seem to disturb their sleep that they had until the parents have got such a habit. So try to be more conscientious the duration of baby in her arms the land to not harm the baby even in this way. Establish a program to hold in arms of not more than 5-8 hours and you will see the results: your baby will sleep soundly and will not be crying uncontrollably without good reason.

Every time you take in arms, supporting his head and neck carefully.
About babies they say, in general, are stronger than they seem, but remember that it is not yet physically prepared for of sudden movements. Therefore, be careful not to move him too much, not even in play. This could have dramatic consequences such as cerebral hemorrhage and even death. If you have to wake him (even better would be to let him sleep as needed), do not “shake”, but tickles him on the feet and gently caressing his cheeks.