Besides providing comfort during sleep, a good baby crib mattress will provide support of the baby’s growing body and will keep them safe and healthy. A crib mattress is specifically designed to offer stability without being too hard, not too soft, as the risks of suffocation on a too soft mattress are high in babies. Therefore, here is what you should seek in a mattress for your baby’s crib.

What type of interior should you choose?

In a crib mattress, the interior is the most important ans it should be clean, safe and free of chemicals so that the baby will be able to stay in bed without breathing chemical vapors. When it comes to baby mattresses, there are only two types you should consider, namely innerspring or foam because these two are the most secure and comfortable. However, the organic mattress is starting to gain more and more appreciation lately from parents who want natural and non-treated fabrics for their children’s mattresses. The most important thing about the interior of a mattress is that it should feel stiff and firm, so that the baby will not have difficulties in changing their position during sleep and there will be no risk of suffocation.

Choose the right size

A mattress should fit the crib perfectly, with no more than two fingers between its side and the crib frame because if the space is too big it could represent a risk of suffocation or entrapment. The mattresses are sized by law and a full-size crib mattress must be at least 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches with no more than 6 inches in thickness.

Analyze the price

When you shop for a baby crib mattress, the price can tell you something about the quality and durability of the product, as it varies from one model to another. Foam mattresses start at 50$ and can cost up to 100$, innerspring models range from 150$ to 250$, while the organic models are the most expensive ones, with prices between 150$ and 500$. Not always the price is a warranty for quality, but in most cases it indicates that the manufacturer has used more reliable and safe materials.

Look for convenience features

A good baby crib mattress should meet some requests regarding convenience and functionality, which will make it easy to handle, durable and practical. A waterproof cover is a great aspect, considering that diapers can leak and the baby will spill liquids all over the place. The venting of the mattress is also important as it will make the mattress smell better and there will be less risk of allergens if the interior is well ventilated.

Nowadays, choosing the right mattress is not as easy as it used to be. Since there are countless choices available, we advise you to read some mattress reviews on in order to learn more about the pros and cons of different types of mattresses. Along with the baby mattress, you might also decide on a new mattress for yourself.