Most parents consider the birth of their child to be the best moment of their entire lives, so hearing that your child has suffered some injuries as a result of a medical malpractice is surely the nightmare of every expectant parent. The birth-related medical negligence happen when a physician fails to uphold the standard quality of medical care. Knowing how to prevent birth-related medical errors can be a reassuring step toward ensuring that the baby is born without any problems.

Ask for prenatal care

During pregnancy, it’s vital to receive prenatal care to make sure that both you and the baby stay healthy. First, talk to your doctor as often as you can and make sure to attend all doctor’s visits. Taking care of yourself is highly important but you must listen to what your doctor has to say before starting a diet or taking vitamins. The doctor will determine what kind of diet or prenatal vitamins are right for you, after making sure that you are not dealing with pregnancy complications, infections or high blood pressure.

Ask a friend to assist you

Most often, medical negligence happen when patients are left alone and ignored. As an expectant parent, don’t be afraid to ask one of your family members or a friend to be with you at all times. This way, your friend can ask for help in case you’re dealing with any sort of medical problem. They also have to make sure the doctors or nurses are aware of medical problems, such as allergies to various types of medications or an alarm triggering on the fetal monitor.

Take notes and ask questions

It’s vital that every time you go to a hospital yo pay close attention to what the doctor or nurse has to say and to ask questions if you don’t understand something or you feel that something seems wrong. As a soon to be mom, you have the right to require clarifications regarding what questions you may have related pregnancy or delivery and write the most important pieces of information your doctor has to offer. Remember that the doctors and nurses are there to help you, so there’s no need to feel intimidated or shy. It also helps if you familiarize yourself with common cases of medical negligence, so that you can recognize a problem when it appears. You can find more information on birth related medical malpractice and other common negligence cases on

Seek help from a supervisor or hospital administrator

If you feel that your doctor is ignoring you or you feel that something is wrong, consider asking for a supervisor because after all, there’s nothing for important than your health. You should know that each hospital has a “chain of command” that is mainly used by hospital staff members who are not able to solve a problem. You have the right to ask to speak to a hospital administrator or a nurse supervisor if you think your doctor or nurse ignores your requests or is inattentive. Preventing a medical negligence is easy to accomplish when you have a problem addressed very soon, rather than to wait until someone comes to help you.