Parents do everything to be sure that they have a healthy baby, but what are the ways to nourish her mind? Here are some ideas about how to stimulate baby development, how to show her the right direction by helping her brain and body to discover the world.

  • Breast milk

Give the proper attention to breastfeeding because it’s the healthiest food for your child. The baby development may be done easier and better for a well nourished child.

  • Your baby’s toys

Try to find toys that ask your baby to push, spin and pull with hands.  In this stage, baby development is made by stimulating her hearing, sight and touch. Brightly colored toys are preferred by small babies. You should also try toys with sounds, different textures and surprises because these capture her attention and will not get her bored quickly.

  • Allow your baby to explore

Most women who supported an in vitro fertilization cost can become overprotective and fear letting the baby go. Encourage your child to move around. On these lines, he will learn how to crawl and you will help his physical development.

You should also show the world to your infant. He will surely become bored if his room is the only place he sees. Take a walk and present him the museum, the park, the shops,  the zoo or any other place outside the home.

  • Play time is play time…don’t reduce it

Running, walking or crawling are the natural physical activities for your child. Pay attention to formal exercise classes, like swimming or gym, there are many cases of bone fractures or muscle strains.

  • Eye contact

The sight of your baby can be stimulated by eye contact. This method is useful in baby development by improving the memory and helping her to discern the faces. Your face moves can be imitated by your baby even if she is very small.

  • TV…better not

If your baby is under 1 year, you should avoid letting her watch TV. Even if you are a busy parent don’t forget your baby in front of TV, he may develop eyestrain, violence tendencies or passivity.

Learning and growing is a long and difficult process for your baby. Even if you are one of those moms who tried hard to have a baby and struggled with the in vitro fertilization cost, it is important to relax and allow your baby to discover the world. It will take time before your child will assimilate the skills, but if you are calm and patient, you will find the answers to all questions and you will know how to stimulate baby development even if it seems to be a difficult test. Don’t forget to give him a hug every time you finish an activity.