If you are a parent for the first time, then probably you are dealing with dilemmas at every step. One of these involves baby clothes hygiene: How should I wash the clothes? Separately, using a special detergent with fabric softener or no? Here are some answers to your questions.

Ordinary detergents can be too harsh for baby’s skin, causing his irritation. It is therefore advisable to call the washing detergent specially designed for children clothes.

You will find these products in any hypermarket. As an alternative, you can call also organic detergents. Regardless of which product you choose, if you want to be sure that do not you blow, choose a detergent without perfumes or dyes. For added safety, especially if you have a child whose skin gets irritated very quickly, rinses twice before drying clothes.

Be though always careful and see if your baby shows irritation, redness, bumps, etc.. The fragrance of detergent is a common source that causes allergies also to adults, so babies are more prone to these reactions. If the baby comes in contact with various chemicals that contain detergents, chances later to become allergic to these components increase considerably.

As soon as you notice the first signs of a rush or allergy, you should report the child to the doctor. If there are in the family persons who have sensitive skin, present irritation or allergies, it is possible that your baby be more sensitive.

There are several rules that need to keep in mind when you want to wash clothes baby in common with the other family clothes. First, you need to take account of detergent you use. The family will have to compromise and give up fragrant fabric softeners, if the baby presents detergent allergies and special needs.

Baby clothes should never be washed with other clothes that are excessively dirty, cigarette smoke are alleyways or various chemicals. For example, the clothes that the husband uses on site do not belong with baby clothes.

If you use diapers of cloth, then you should wash them separately, both the family clothes, but also other baby’s clothes. They come in direct contact with the skin in a sensitive area, so you should avoid too strong detergents.

Remember, when you receive or when you buy baby clothes, blankets, toys or other objects, before him having first contact with them, wash them.