Immediately after birth, the baby is completely helpless and dependent on others. In a year, but he will learn all basic skills and will be transformed from a helpless newborn child in a confident and independent one.

It is important to understand that each child is unique, with its pace of development. Children should not be compared between them and forced to learn new skills or prematurely.

Here are some general baby cues on developing monthly:
Your baby already has all 5 senses – hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch.

He is born with a sucking reflex, the swallowing and regurgitation, which helps can be fed immediately after birth. Open your mouth and turn your head on both sides in search of his mother’s breast.

Towards the end of the first month, your baby is able to:
– To raise his head slightly when standing on the belly;
– To look to the mother when breastfeeding;
– To move eyes and head in response to loud sounds around you.
In the second month of life, babies begin to prepare their throat and tongue for the first sounds.

You will see that they move their mouth in an attempt to get that sound to communicate with you.

This month, most babies learn:
– to smile without a reason;
– Cooing;
– To raise, for a few seconds, the head to 45 degrees when sitting on the belly;
– His eyes follow an object moving in front of him.

In the third month of life, your baby begins to control movement and make their wishes known.

Among the “achievements” baby three months we will find:
– Support his own head;
– When you see smiles and cooing;
– Expresses its impatience and lust when you prepare to feed;
– Playing with their storehouse;
– Reach out for toys that are shy around him.

In the course of the fourth month of life, the baby begins to use it as sober moments to “socialize” listen carefully when you speak and see strange people coming to visit.

This month he will succeed:
– To raise his head 90 degrees and rest on your elbows when he sit on the belly;
– Laugh out loud;
– Reach out to your favorite objects and shoot them at him;
– Lead to mouth objects that he take in hand.

Along with the growing, babies will start to imitate the people around them.