Having an erectile dysfunction can have serious consequences on a man’s self confidence. Furthermore, things can get really serious when your partner decides that she wants a baby, and you feel the pressure of not being able to offer her what she wants. Therefore, you need to improve your morale, and start finding solutions for your problem, especially since there are so many treatments that are prescribed for this type of condition.

Which are the causes of impotence?

Although most men don’t realize this, the cause of their bad sexual life might be a problem of emotional nature. Fatigue, stress and a low self-esteem are the most common factors that prevent men of all ages from sustaining an erection. Therefore, before starting to follow a certain treatment, you should try to figure out which the things that alter your self-confidence are, and eliminate them from your life. Furthermore, we advise you to discuss these problems with your life partner, because communication is the key for finding solutions when there seems to be no answers left. However, there are other health conditions that can lead to an erectile dysfunction, and a bad blood circulation is one of them. Not allowing the penis to receive the amount of blood that it needs for the sexual act can turn into a serious problem, so you need to take proper measures as soon as possible. We advise you to start a new diet based on healthy foods that are known for their capacity to improve blood flow.

What type of medication is appropriate for erectile dysfunction?

For most men who encounter difficulties in maintaining an erection during sex, doctors recommend the use of Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. These medications increase nitric oxide, which is a chemical that the human body produces in a natural way, relaxing blood vessels, and allowing the penis to get an erection. The difference between these anti-impotence drugs is that their effects last for different periods of time, and that it takes different intervals of time to start working. However, although these medicines are meant to help men obtain a healthy sexual life, it appears that Viagra might in fact reduce men fertility. However, there are other similar supplements, which are more natural and come with no side effects. Such is the case of VigRX, which addresses several erectile dysfunctions and even increases fertility by increasing sperm count and motility. You can browse the internet for more vigrx reviews in order to see how many men found comfort in these pills.

The side effects of synthetic male enhancers

Based on some recent research, the miracle blue pills that we are all familiar with, can damage the sperm quality and prevent fertilization from occurring. Sperm contains a little cap that is composed of enzymes which help it penetrate through a woman’s egg, and complete the fertilization process. Taking such pills can damage the cap, which is also known as acrosome, causing the sperm to remain stranded on the outside. So, you might want to inform yourself before turning to these male enhancements as a way to conceive a baby. We previously mentioned VigRX as an alternative to synthetic male enhancement pills. Nevertheless, we didn’t make this recommendation lightly after coming across these pills, but we read more vigrx reviews in order to be certain that these pills were indeed effective.