Do you know which the signs of colic are? If you want to make sure that you are not confusing your baby’s cry with any other health problem, we invite you to take a look on our tips!
If you notice that your baby cries frequently and you simply cannot do anything in order to prevent him from doing it over and over again, then he might be suffering from colic. He looks as if he was healthy, except that he cries and you do not know why.

Colic appears to babies under 5 months and you can recognize it by the frequency of their crying. For example, if they cry for three hours or more within three days a week and it lasts almost one month, then you may have all the reasons to consider this affection. We call it an affection, as there is no term to define colic as a disease and its consequences do not last for too long. However, it is something that most of the kids experiment a very early ages and parents need to be prepared for anything. The most important period of time in your child’s life is when he is only two or three weeks old.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for a parent to understand why his baby is crying, what is he suffering from and what could he do to help him. Colic affects babies in the evening or afternoon, when they feel like crying. You can notice you baby has colic if his belly looks larger than usually. It is a common sign of colic.

In general babies cry because they are hungry or they are tired, so they need someone to help them fall asleep. Also, in case your baby is wet or something scarred him, you can also expect him to be crying. But these are normal reasons and if you understand what exactly happened to your child and made him cry, you will definitely know how to calm him.

But fortunately, there are some things one could do in order to stop his baby from crying. You can sing to him, talk to him in a nice manner, softening your voice and you can also try taking him into your arms and balancing them until he falls asleep. Take your time and try to act with patience, because otherwise you will make your baby cry even more and your efforts will be worthless.